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Silvy De Bie

Silvy became a Flanders child star when she was nine years old. She sang Ben (a Michael Jackson song written by Walter Scharf), on the Flemish showbiz TV show De Kinderacademie (child academy). This show was not a contest, but an entertainment program, where children between 4 and 12 years old could perform an act (sing act, dance act, telling a little fairy tail or poem, ...).

Her performance was so well-received that an independent recording studio signed her to a contract. Under the name "Silvy Melody" she recorded some songs (including a Dutch version of Ben) as solo-artist and also some numbers together with other famous Belgian singers. Many of her songs were in top 10 charts.

In 2000, she became the female vocalist for the dance band Liquid feat., later in 2001 the band's name was changed to Sylver. Alongside the successes with Sylver, she started also solo. In 2001, she worked with MNC, with whom she covered the Eurythmics song Sweet Dreams.

She also worked with the dance group Milk Inc. (she is friends with singer Linda Mertens). In 2004 the single I Don't Care reached the Belgian Top Ten. In 2007 the Single Time alongside with 4 Clubbers in Belgium, she composed and wrote the song "Lovesong" from the Crossroads album.

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