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Silvy De Bie

Silvy De Bie (born January 4th, 1981) is singing her way through the Belgian music scene for almost 30 years. At barely eight years old she took her first steps in showbizz when she made a remarkable appearance in ‘De Kinderacademie’, an at that time immensely popular tv-show. Her performance of Michael Jackson’s ballad ‘Ben’ shot her star straight to firmament of the Belgian music scene. The images of the ever cute little blond girl singing her heart out is since then part of our collective TV-memory.

After that performance, an independent recording studio promptly offered her a contract. It made Silvy one of the youngest signed performers in the Belgian music history. Under her newly found artist name ‘Silvy Melody’ she recorded a first album, including the cover of ‘Ben’ but also a number duets. Many of the songs on that album made it to the top 10 of the charts.

A decade later, Silvy met Belgian EDM-producer Wout Van Dessel who asked her to join his new project ‘Liquid’ as a featuring artist. A year later, the project’s name was changed to ‘Sylver’, signing the permanent partnership of Silvy with the band and making her voice an essential part of its unique sound.

From that moment on, Silvy focused mainly on making music with Sylver, but also flirted with a few other bands, like MNC and 4 clubbers, and in 2004 paired with long-time friend and colleague band Milk Inc for the top 10 hit ‘I don’t Care’. She however always felt the urge to widen her horizon and try new things on her own. This resulted in a few releases under the name Sil, and after 13 years of intense collaboration she decided to leave Sylver in order to pursue her dream of a solo career. In 2014 she participated to the Belgian selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. She went all the way to the local finals, but the televoters finally choose to grant a ticket to that years grant finale to Axel Hirsoux.

After Eurosong 2014 it became a little quiet around Silvy. She retreated to take care of her daughter and began the search for new creative inspiration. Two years later however, the band Sylver came across an opportunity to perform for an unique concert. Re-united with her old companions, Silvy felt like coming home and decided to pick it all up where she left off.

In September 2017, the Flemish commercial TV-station vtm announced their acclaimed format ‘Liefde voor Muziek’ would return for a fourth season in 2018 and that Silvy would be one of the participating artist. This didn’t only gave Silvy the unique opportunity to show the audience what a world-class and versatile vocalist she is. Her participation to the show also opened a door to a new solo opportunity. Under her name Silvy she released her second solo album named ‘Baby Bird’: a mature collection of songs, some written during intense moments of self-reflection, and for sure the soundtrack for a beautiful future.

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