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MC Ruffian

This MC has been around since the beginning of dance music in 1989. Ruffian has been the first hard-dance MC that made MC’ing an essential part of the scene. Ruffian has an impressive resumé, and has hosted every big hard-dance stage in the past decade. Nationally and internationally. Ruffian is definitely an artist that adds that extra something. Both as a showman, and as a headliner of any event. Ruffian has been the host of; Back 2 School, Project Hardcore, Decibel, Nightmare, Thunderdome, Sensation, House Qlassics, Qlubtempo, Defqon.1, Q-Base, Dominator, Qlimax and the legendary Pussylounge events. Besides al this, Ruffian has been the performing voice for Paul Elstak’s DJ sets since the days of Holy Noize until today. Ruffian has recently accepted a new challenge by going back to his roots, picking up his first love and musical energy source by hitting the studio and to crawl behind the turntables again. The newborn Ruffian is a versatile artist, that can both DJ and MC, a skill combo that slays the competition. Ruffian is a legend nothing more nothing less.

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