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MC Apster

When Q-dance announced an MC Contest named ‘Q-Factor’ in 2006, MC Apster saw his chance to join and make his move. After sending in a demo-tape he got invited to the contest. During the following 5 month battle Apster made it into the final. In this final he left MC UB behind him and won, receiving a contract with Q-bookings and the recognition he worked so hard for.

Since, Apster has grown into a familiar face on stages both in Europe and abroad. Open to all styles electronic and beyond, this MC has shown his face among a diverse range of events. From house, electro and trance to the harder styles: hardcore, hardstyle, oldschool, Classics and RAWStyle.

A skilled vocalist determined to bridge the gap between sound system and crowd.

Mc Apster is also the Mc for 2 years on several shows of international artist Dune.

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