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Insider’s music is a kinetic mix of groove, electronic, techno and trance. It speaks for itself, 20 million sales, over 1500 live acts. 

But watching him on stage is an experience unlike any other. As a pioneer and inventor of a new style in the early 90s, nothing he ever did felt rehearsed, or overly planned. 

Insider got up on stage and earned his reputation as one of the all-time coolest, smoothest, slickest EDM performers on the planet. And his sheer talent, well, that’s not something easily put into words! 

Insider is adored globally and admired for his eclectic performances and unforgettable tunes. Everybody in the worldwide club scene knows Destiny, Boots on the Run, Magic Bells, Trial Bells, Noxius, Sugar is Sweeter, The Prophet, Electric Voodoo etc. 

Book Insider and he’ll play all the club hits “live” and much more. 

Your crowd will thank you. 

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